"Surround yourself with the things you love." –Dena

Dena’s encouraging motto is much like her signature designs: fresh and colorful. An award-winning artist whose inviting designs burst with color, Dena has translated her positive philosophy into a full selection of picture-perfect quilt collections in a color you'll love.

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DenaDena Home: A Breath of Fresh Air

"I love painting, I LOVE color (lots of it!), and mixing and matching hand painted florals and crisp geometrics for a fresh, joyful look. I strive to design in a way that makes people feel happy and adds warmth, comfort, and color to their homes & lives.

Our homes are a reflection of who we are so it's a gift if you can surround yourself with the things you love. From this inspiring foundation, we create a print and add pretty, standout details like ruffles, ruching, embroidery, pleats & more.” Read moreDena Signature